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Design Skin Slider 2 Card i7

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Bit too familiar with the embarrassing moment of forgetting your card or miki at home?

Wanting to carry your card with you on your phone but find the wallet cases to be too bulky?

Design Skin slider case is designed just for you!!!

Innovative kind of card case.
Card slot is hidden completely, and the cover opens with the slide of one finger. 

Inner pattern designed for shock absorbing.
Inner hexagon pattern absorbs shock from drops and accidents.

Great access to all buttons and ports.
All functions are perfectly accessible.

Easy to apply and take off the phone.

Fashion is the dominant form of expression of our generation. With phones being such an integral component of our daily lives, we believe that smartphone cases are a natural extension of how we convey our individuality and style. We want our cases to draw attention and allow the customer to express themselves.

Now available in attractive colours.

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