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BubbleShield for Smartphones and iPod Touch

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Reusable Protective Sleeve for
Smartphones and Tablets

The BubbleShield is the easy-to-use protective sleeve that has people everywhere re-imagining where they can enjoy their mobile devices. Economical. Practical. Way-too-fun-for-how-simple-it-is. The double-zip enclosed BubbleShield secures your phone or tablet away from liquid disaster while keeping all your favorite features fully accessible.


Some of the best places to make memories with friends were the worst places to use your smartphone and tablet…until now. Never fear water, soda, or exploding pasta sauce again.

Beyond Water-Resistant

Water is only the beginning. The BubbleShield protects against just about any substance that can damage your phone. Never again fear mud, sand, engine oil, paint, and more. Join the growing number of people discovering more and more uses for the BubbleShield everyday.

Hearing is Believing

The BubbleShield is fully sound permeable, and even features small sound-resonating chambers on the bottom so your calls and music come through loud and clear.


Touch Sensitive

Bioelectrically optimized film allows for unaltered screen sensitivity, giving you
the best touch experience.

Camera Ready

Don’t miss out on those amazing photo moments for fear of ruining your phone. The BubbleShield protects your phone or tablet from even the toughest messes without limiting the camera function on your device.

Reinforced Holder Ring

Sometimes you need to keep your phone handy and keep your hands free. Enter the Reinforced Holder Ring. This simple-yet-amazing feature allows you to clip your BubbleShield to a carabiner, attach it to a lanyard, or hang it from a hook in the shower. This is quite possibly the best mix of convenience and protection.


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